beat step pro – day 1


BEST OF THE BASSMAN 1 : The Darkening ~ PREVIEW ~ Dean The Bassman

Dean (the bassman) has released best of’ Album, feature more than a few tracks written/produced by yours truly with the stella vocals of Christine.

This was done under the banner of “xistance”.

go to to find out how you get get a copy.


eurorack looking more like a complete instrument

Trying to get as much happening in the analog domain with little I have…

808 classic drums are coming from ableton and it is sync’ing the micro brute sequence and the the volca bass. The volca is going it’s cv sync thing into the SQ-1 which is running the pittsburgh synth box & synthrotek DS-M via a 4MS RCD in the attempt to get some polyrhythm action. lesson learnt – I now know the diff’ between a gate and a trigger….and the need for an ADSR

eurorack, on the cheap (as possible)

No, a VCO is still going to cost at least $200+

but paying $500 for a basic 3U rack/case!! I’ve built a 6U 84P setup for just over $100 (not including psu) Just buy the rails, find some “junk wood” (I used an old chest of draws) and go to for instructions.

Then the other basics – cables, multiples,&  attenuators ….the more the better, but even a Doepfer mult is going for $50AU. You can (I have) built one for $13AU…and that was paying top dollar for a “blank panel”.

Thank the gods for China/eBay.

40c multizturn one CV into two at $0.40 each… way better than tiptops $4 each cables.

diy-showcase if you can solder an audio cable, you can make this stuff for 1/4 of the price, if not better 😉

cableand you can make 10 of these for the ebay price of one (or better).