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eurorack, on the cheap (as possible)

No, a VCO is still going to cost at least $200+

but paying $500 for a basic 3U rack/case!! I’ve built a 6U 84P setup for just over $100 (not including psu) Just buy the rails, find some “junk wood” (I used an old chest of draws) and go to for instructions.

Then the other basics – cables, multiples,&  attenuators ….the more the better, but even a Doepfer mult is going for $50AU. You can (I have) built one for $13AU…and that was paying top dollar for a “blank panel”.

Thank the gods for China/eBay.

40c multizturn one CV into two at $0.40 each… way better than tiptops $4 each cables.

diy-showcase if you can solder an audio cable, you can make this stuff for 1/4 of the price, if not better 😉

cableand you can make 10 of these for the ebay price of one (or better).


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