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Live Jam >> a result of getting ICM4+ to connect

The iCM4+, short for the iconnectmidi4+ by iconnectivity.

A very cool little box that lets you get audio & midi data straight into your puter’s DAW from an ipad or any other computer without any da/ad hassle. It will also happily handle up to 8 midi class compliant thingies you may have.

and that’s where/why the nightmare starts….

just try and do the math > 3(let’s say DAW & 2 ipads) + 8 midi controllers x 16 channels x128 as a virtual patch bay :-/ And then you have to figure out the audio side, and then how to combine it with what ever audio interface you have…

It can (and has) be a total mind F%&K…

Thankfully they have great support, and seen to be constantly working at firmware to fix any bugs.

So, here’s a tune that happened while sorting out my issues.

The gear used; DAW- ableton 9 (with some effects), SYNTHS – korg volca bass & micro korg, DSI mopho, Roland M-VS1, Arturia microbrute. iPAD mini v2. running AniMoog, and a 2nd computer running NI Maschine 2.0

Almost everything controlled by ableton’s Push.


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